The Company

Κατάστημα Έπιπλο Μιχαλόπουλος

The foundation

The furniture company Michalopoulos was founded in 1976 by Konstantinos & Maria Michalopoulou at 55 Ermou Street in Pyrgos.

From the first years of its operation, the consistency and the respect to the customer, the constant search for innovative trends of decoration with quality furniture, tastefully designed and functional, formed the basis for its existence and its establishment in the furniture sector.

Year Milestone

Date of landmark for the company is in 1995 where it is transferred to the new facilities at the 8th kilometer of EO. Pyrgos Patras, in a space of 3000 sq. Meters, making it one of the best furniture exhibitions in Greece..

In 2007, George and Dimitris Michalopoulos took over the management of the company.

Ίδρυση Εταιρείας
Ίδρυση Εταιρείας
Έπιπλο - Φως - Διακόσμηση Μιχαλόπουλος

Our philosophy today

We are the second generation that has lived deep in the "good times" and we are living now the most difficult, like the majority of Greeks.

The market oscillated a lot in this decade of the crisis.

By insisting on quality, we tried to understand the situation. We saw a lot of products flooding the shops, confusing traders and consumers.

Having a large load of responsibility on our backs with very careful moves we are carving the future.

We want to let you know that you will find a product that is characterized by quality and good value. Not the cheapest product on the market but a product with quality and good value. This is what you will discover on our site and in our exhibition. With this we want to give you the assurance that what you buy will have a lot

“Honest” Price for its quality.

We choose not an impersonal e-shop because we want to provide you all the information either by phone or in our physical store so you can feel confident about your purchase.

Hopefully, we better touch your consumer needs in this way.

We wish pleasant research and good product selection.

With respect
George and Dimitris


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